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Special Offer

Progressive Lenses? Free Readers!
Do you wear multi focal lenses? Have you tried progressive lenses? We want you to wear the most up to date lenses available today, and, as an incentive, we will make you a pair of reading, computer or distance glasses free of charge. Sweet!

Ask your Patient Services Associate or your Optician for more information.

Texas State Optical

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Contact Lens Wearers. Back 2 Back Up's!
Attention all contact lens wearers. You know the importance of having back up glasses, so do we!  We want to make it easier for you to have those back up glasses, here's the plan.

When you come in for your exam and fitting and decide not to buy contacts we are still going to give you a 10% discount on your glasses! Purchase additional pairs and get 15% off, receive between 5 and 25% off on Sunglasses.

Purchase contacts ( up to a six month supply) and get 15% off on glasses and 20% off on additional pairs, and receive between 10 and 50% off on Sunglasses.

Buy a years supply of contacts and the discount on your glasses increases to 20% and 30% on additional pairs, Sunglasses are discounted 15 to 50%, SWEET!

Ask your Patient Services Associate or your Doctors Assistant about our new contact lens pricing.

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